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The current research aims to know the prevalence of marital compatibility among married female students at Tishreen University, and know the differences in marital compatibility according to some variables (method of marriage, place of residence, pre sence of children). The research was applied to a sample of married students at Tishreen University, whose number was (100) students. To achieve this goal, the marital compatibility scale prepared by (Ammar, 2015) was used, which includes dimensions (intellectual, affectionalemotional, sexual, and social compatibility) distributed within (54) items. The researcher conducted the psychometric study of the scale to ensure its validity and reliability in relation to the current research sample is high, and there are no statistically significant differences in the marital compatibility of the research sample according to the variable of the place of residence and the presence of children. As for the variable of the method of marriage it was found that there were statistically significant differences in favor of marriage after a love story.
الصلة بين ماهو نفسي وجسمي الأمراض السيكو-فسيولوجية مفهوم الضغط النفسي زملة الضغط العام وطاقة التكيف أحداث الحياة كمصدر للضغط نوع الإصابة المرضية تتحدد بنوع الضغط وشدته مصادر الضغوط معاشية الضغوط ومعالجتها
استهدفت الدراسة الحالية التحقق من فاعلية العلاج بالمعنى فى تحسين جودة الحياة لدى عينة من الشباب الجامعى واشتملت عينة الدراسة على (20) من طلاب كلية التربية ببنها تم تقسيمهم إلى مجموعتين : مجموغة تجريبية ومجموعة ضابطة قوام كل مجموعة (10) من الذكور والإ ناث وقد استخدم الباحث الأدوات التالية: 1- استمارة المقابلة الشخصية اعداد / الباحث 2- مقياس جودة الحياة اعداد / الباحث . 3- برنامج العلاج بالمعنى اعداد / الباحث . وأسفرت الدراسة نتائج على : 1- وجود فروق ذات دلالة احصائية بين متوسطات رتب درجات طلاب المجموعة التجريبية ومتوسط رتب درجات طلاب المجموعة الضايطة على مقياس جودة الحياة لصالح طلاب المجموعة التجريبية . 2- وجود فروق ذات دلالة احصائية بين متوسط رتب درجات طلاب المجموعة التجريبية على مقياس جودة الحياة فى القياس القبلى والبعدى لصالح القياس البعدى . 3- لا توجد فروق ذات دلالة احصائية بين متوسط رتب درجات طلاب المجموعة التجريبية فى القياس البعدى ومتوسط رتب درجات نفس المجموعة بعد فترة المتابعة على مقياس جودة الحياة . وتم تفسير نتائج الدراسة فى ضوء الإطار النظرى والدراسات السابقة مما يعكس فاعلية العلاج بالمعنى فى تحسين جودة الحياة لدى عينة من الشباب الجامعى مع إستمرار فاعلية التحسن بعد فترة المتابعة بعد أربعة شهور .
Many of nowadays directions in psychology indicate to the importance of first years of human life , and assure that the influence of first five years in child life will remains in his personality ,and in format his point view to life , and in format his aims and his affection ,and deter his outer and inner relationship , so we must by attention to the first years of child life ,because it the fast years of child growth, where the growth of nerve system is too quick, so the mind growth have a quick rate, and many of his basic traditions is form, which did not deter his possibility as a child, but as adulthood person . the psychologists said: that the most of nerves an stability ,which human body have it causes by the first years of childhood, and there are many cases ,which recorded by psychologists doctors shows that the loss of love and trust ,and smoothly in the first years of childhood, it has the bad influence on mind and affection growth of child , but the child who was grow with love in familial environment he can have more stability life. The emotions have a wade area in the psychology of child , and it form his affection and his soul , so if he have as a stabile person he will be a good person in future and in hole life, but if he have another way he will have many of an solved problems, so if he have more than he needs he will be poled person and he cannot do the life needs , but if he have less than he needs he will be too tough and too hard relationship toward author peoples. Psychological building of child begin from parents by understanding, and love, and intercourse between them , and from knowing how dealing with their children, and if necessary appear some controversy between them , so it is better to be faraway of child, and if the child have some bad habits, soit is better to use intact education manner , for calibration him without too tough chastisement, or dereliction.
The surrounding urban environment doesn't only affect the human behavior, but also affect his character, behavior and his physical and psychological status, and thus his feelings of comfort, happiness, relaxation and satisfaction, or his sense of f eeling uncomfortable, exhaustion and fatigue; the most important thing that the human pursues is to meet his vital, physiological and psychological requirements through Architecture and Urbanism, and in as much as he gets his basic requirements, he would be capable of being effective to promote urban development. Generally, most of the urban planning and design processes rely in their solutions for the urban spaces issues on the development of the built (physical) environment, neglecting the moral aspect, which is presented in the humanistic behavior of users. As a result, this negatively affects the efficiency of the urban space in performing its social, environmental, cultural and economic functions, in addition to the direct impact on the functions and aesthetics of the built environment. This research discusses the interaction between the residents and the urban environment in which they live. It aims at ensuring and analyzing the role of the urban planner in organizing the urban-human interaction on the mental contact level for this interaction. The research consists of three main parts; the first part deals with the analysis of the main components of the interaction between human and environment, and the various results of this interaction, the second part discusses the concept of kinetic clarity, as one of those determinant factors, based on clear mental impression and oriented actual movement in the surrounding environment. The third part, however, ends with analyzing the planning factors that affect the kinetic clarity, based on the spatial organization of urban environment, and on the environmental communication. The research comes up with selecting the suitable designing determinants to set a clear kinetic system for the urban fabric, either on the city level, or its various spaces level, through a group of recommendations, related to the mythologies of the interlink between the physical environment and the humanistic behavior in both urban designing and planning processes, to improving the residents psychological status.
The research aims to detect mental health and emotional stability level in a sample of outstanding students in the province of Damascus and knowledge of the relationship between them, and they have a knowledge of the differences in the level of menta l health and emotional stability, according to the variable (sex). The research sample consisted of (288) students from outstanding students were chosen the way of intentionality Al-Basel School, and dish them measurements of emotional stability and mental health, and are prepared by the researcher after verifying of validity and reliability.

هل ترغب بارسال اشعارات عن اخر التحديثات في شمرا-اكاديميا